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Creation and development of a company in the North 


In 1984, after a career in retail, Jean-Pierre Torck associates with three partners, to create the ready-to-wear brand Camaïeu which offers womenswear, accessible in price, easy to carry. Within their economic project, Jean-Pierre Torck and his partners, have the ambition to create jobs, particularly in the city of Roubaix.
Clients will discover the 1st Camaïeu collections in the stores of Lens and Douai.
The company expands: first in the North and then all over France. In 1991, it opened its 100th store in France and its first stores abroad. In June 2000, the Company Camaïeu which now has 318 stores went public.


Which project?


As a result of this entrepreneurial experience, Francoise and Jean-Pierre Torck, major shareholders, will realize their patrimony with their exit of the capital stock of Camaïeu.
Desiring that this heritage can lead to other activities and projects that create jobs, they initiate a moment of reflection with their families. 
We, their descendants, share the same managerial and entrepreneurial vision: ideas, guidelines, values emerge. 
As family associates, we wish to extend the entrepreneurial project of our parents by investing in activities that generate employment and economic growth and in activities responding to more specific social needs. The family association organizes itself to gradually build up a holding company named Ariane committed to these economic activities.


Ariane: A patrimonial holding engaged in economic development


The associates are eager to invest in companies. Supported by a team of highly skilled advisors in management, finance, legal en real estate,  the group  acquires or establishes companies in order to further develop them.
The family shareholders implement the group policy and take the strategic decisions concerning the subsidiaries. 
These subsidiaries are clustered in markets or sectors based on their activities in order to create constant synergy between them. Each cluster is under the supervision or lead by one of the family shareholders.
The activities of these centers are part of the term for shareholders, officers, employees, partners and customers.


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